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Qoyboqarov Oybek Yergashovich
Egamnazarova Fazilat Dostqobilovna
Davlatov son of Davron Ruslan


In the work, the kinetic laws of methane carbonate conversion reaction were studied and the kinetic equation was derived. Analysis of the reaction products of methane carbon dioxide conversion was carried out on a KristalLux-4000 M gas chromatograph. The chromatograph is equipped with two thermal conductivity detectors - catarometers, two sampling loop gas valves (loop volume 0.5 ml) and two chromatographic columns. Chromatograms were processed using NetCrom 2.1 software. The study of the effect of UKM process temperature was carried out at temperatures of 800°C, -850°C and 900°C at the optimal ratio of CO2 : CH4 (1.42), which provides maximum selectivity for hydrogen. An increase in temperature was found to increase H2 and CO production by 40 and 35%, respectively, at 900°C. According to the results of the study of catalysts using SiO2 as a carrier, it was found that a decrease in the ratio of methane: carbon dioxide leads to an increase in coke formation. Duration of laboratory experiments on coke formation to study the effect of CH4:CO2 ratio on (Ni2O3)x*(CO2O3)y*(ZrO2)z*(MoO3) k:YuKTs catalyst was 10-20 hours. The computer program UNISYS was used to determine the main reactions that determine the composition of the reaction mixture. A system of differential equations was established for the reception and accumulation of both starting substances and reaction products. The parameters (reaction rate constants) are selected by the fourth-order nonlinear Runge-Kutta method, and the integration step is automatically selected. Then, optimization (selection) of the parameters of the system of equations was carried out by the method of maximum approximation of the calculated data to the experimental data. The description of the system of equations in which the residual sum of squares of errors is within the error was found to be sufficient.

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Qoyboqarov Oybek Yergashovich, Egamnazarova Fazilat Dostqobilovna, & Davlatov son of Davron Ruslan. (2024). KINETICS OF METHANE TO CARBONATE CONVERSION REACTION. Uzbek Scholar Journal, 26, 18–26. Retrieved from